The first episode of Tag Talks… is here.

Bi-monthly episodes of the GAY TIMES original podcast will follow CEO Tag Warner as he talks music, activism, fashion and more with special guest stars who are blazing a trail in all walks of life.

The first special guest is former GAY TIMES cover star (and Tag’s close friend) Greyson Chance, who memorably went viral on YouTube with a cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi before becoming one of the most prominent LGBTQ+ musicians in the world.

During his discussion with Tag, Greyson opens up about how the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lack of live performances impacted his mental health last year.

“For me, what I had to reconcile with was a lot of my validation that I had in my life was from getting on stage every night,” he explains.

“I would find myself last year just feeling horrible and having such a lack of self confidence and feeling just like an amateur again. I got so used to, ‘I got on stage, I dance a little bit and people clap for me.’

“And that’s how I’m able to have any sense of confidence.”

Greyson also dives into his “difficult” coming out journey and his long-awaited EP, Trophies, which will feature singles such as Holy Feeling and Hellboy. It will be the singer-songwriter’s first release since his acclaimed second studio album, Portraits.

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