George Shelley is back and he’s brought his official debut single along for the party.

The British singer-songwriter has released Technicolour as his first single – a skyrocketing dance anthem perfect for Pride.

“Kicking off summer with Technicolour feels like a fresh start for me,” George said.

“The song has me rebelling at the top of my lungs against everything I was afraid of in the past, and marks a new era for my music, music that has undeniably helped me through a challenging journey.

“I just want everyone to really feel the love and joy in the song, and find the happiness and pride in the lyrics.”

Technicolour was produced by Alex Beitzke and Bradley Spence, who has previously worked with the likes of Florence + The Machine, Take That and Gabrielle Aplin.

As we all know, George first found fame on The X Factor and then as one-fourth of boyband Union J.

After leaving the group in 2015, he went on to reach the final two of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and then become the presenter of the Capital Breakfast Show.

Technicolour is out tomorrow and I’m feeling a bit (very) emotional. I’ve spent timeeeeee working towards something that I believe in so strongly, and even after confronting hurdle after hurdle, it’s all come down to this moment and I’m undeniably proud. I’ve been afraid of showing my true colours in the past, keeping parts of me a secret for a very long time in fear of being judged, but one thing I’ve learnt is that life is too short for us to cling on to our insecurities and paranoias. Love is love and LIFE IS LIFE. You only get to do this once so LIVE LIFE WITH LOVE NOT HATE! The worst kind of hate is self hate, wishing you could change things about yourself you’re afraid of. DON’T BE SCARED. JUST. BE. YOU. Don’t let anyone tell you who you can and cant be, and if they do, do everything in your power to prove them wrong. I hit a wall last year and the only way past was to break through with strength, and I’m feeling lucky to have been surrounded by the very love and support I needed to keep my strength up. We have to stand up and fight for what we believe in, alone or together, and it doesn’t matter where your from or who you fall in love with, we are all one so let’s start acting like it. I can only hope that there are some of you out there who are going through similar difficulties as I have been through, and can look at this song as a celebration of life and love; a celebration of you. No matter how shit things may seem, and no matter how many times you get thrown on the floor, remember we live on a beautiful planet, in a gorgeous universe full of colour and light. Literally, we’re made of this stuff, all of us. When I realised this and started using the things I was learning to help me heal, it all became a lot clearer. I think its about time humans started treating humans like humans. So lets do this together. I know you’ll have my back, cause our love is in Technicolour, it’s not white or black. G x

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Back in 2016, George came out as being attracted to both guys and girls.

“I would never come out as gay,” he told The Sun. “I wouldn’t put a label on it because I do like girls, I’ve fallen in love with girls and I could never close that off.”

He’s currently working on a new BBC documentary which will see him detailing the hurdles he has encountered in life and how he come to deal with them.