Instagram: mariathattil
Instagram: mariathattil

Former Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil revealed that a stranger told her she was “too pretty” to be a lesbian while out on a date.

The bisexual media personality opened up about the uncomfortable incident in her column for 9honey.

At the start of her piece, Thattil recalled that the date started off on a high note, writing: “It was one of those sunny winter Sundays that catch you by surprise, our morning coffee quickly rolled into afternoon cocktails.”

However, their get-together turned sour after a drunk “middle-aged woman” interrupted their conversation with a series of questions.

After complimenting the two on their beauty, the unidentified individual began to express her disbelief that they were on a date.

“”The thing is, you’re stunning,” gesturing to my date before pointing to me, “But you are also so pretty,”” the reality star revealed.

The stranger then told Thattil that she was only used to seeing lesbian relationships with one “beautiful, feminine partner and a less attractive, butch one,” before asking if her date was the “boyfriend”.

Even though the two tried to dispel the conversation, the drunk stranger continued to harass them with more invasive questions – which Thattil said lasted around “10 to 20-minutes.”

The 29-year-old then revealed that the uncomfortable interaction finally ended after the woman’s friend guided her away.

Towards the end of her column, the award-winning beauty queen called out people for projecting “inappropriate stereotypes” on queer people.

“Expecting all relationships to fit the “boyfriend and girlfriend” dynamic is an outdated and inaccurate gender standard. The kind that has kept marriage cordoned off from queer people because it’s reversed for ‘man and wife,'” she wrote.

“Queer relationships aren’t invalid, recognised only when the couple play into gender roles like little children playing ‘mummy and daddy.’ They don’t warrant ogling like zoo animals on display.

“No, are they an anomaly when they don’t fit society’s limiting stereotypes.”

Thattil’s eye-opening column comes a few months after she came out as bisexual on Australia’s version of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

“Growing up, I always thought maybe a little bit bi-curious,” Maria told David Subritzky. “And only ever dated straight people, but growing up, I did have crushes on girls that I went to school with. Even as I got older, I thought I can like, appreciate an attractive woman and I’ve always been curious about that. I’m like, is it just curiosity? Like, no, no, no – it’s not.”

Following the episode’s release, the famous model gave further insight into her coming out journey during an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“I grew up having crushes on girls in school and just completely invalidated it because of religion and also because there were many homophobic sentiments in my school around being a lesbian, around anything other than heteronormativity,” she explained.

“You don’t have a lot of bisexual visibility in popular culture and so you don’t understand what it is.”