James Ross, formerly known as Tyra Sanchez, reportedly sprayed graffiti on an apartment complex in Atlanta.

Former Drag Race champion James Ross, who won the second season while competing as Tyra Sanchez, has reportedly been arrested after spraying graffiti on an apartment complex in Atlanta.

TMZ reports that James was arrested and taken to Fulton County Jail after a witness said they saw him spraying ‘Don’t Move Here Ever’ on the side of the complex.

Anonymous sources claimed to TMZ that James hadn’t paid rent in months and was considered to be a squatter.

Earlier this year, James called on fans of Drag Race to forget about them in a series of social media posts. Addressing fans, James wrote: “I want absolutely nothing to do with your toxic community. Stop tagging me in your posts, stop including me with your winners. Just forget me.”

James then addressed the official social media accounts for RuPaul’s Drag Race and World of Wonder and their support for the Black Lives Matter movement, claiming they “have been silent for years about Black lives mattering.”

“Don’t for a second think they care about you. It’s simply the trendy thing for them to do at this time,” he wrote.

“They are racist themselves. And don’t fucking tell me there are more important issues to discuss right now when I’ve been screaming those important issues for the last ten years while you continue to send your racist hate daily.”

He added: “Every morning I wake to your racist hate and I say nothing. I block you and keep moving. Today I have time. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of white people leaving comments on my page, inboxing me hate every single damn day.”