What’s more important: Your career or being true to who you are?

That’s the question asked in new LGBTQ film Mario, a Swiss-German production directed by Marcel Gisler which examines the ever-present threat of homophobia in the world of sports.

When Leon (Aaron Altaras) joins Mario’s (Max Hubacher) football club, there’s an immediate tension between the two talented athletes, who both want a spot on the first team. But when they’re moved into a flat together, those competitive feelings turns sexual.

As rumours begin to circulate about their blossoming relationship, and teammates become suspicious, the boys must decide between their careers and each other.

The film had its official premiere at BFI Flare London LGBTQ Film Festival earlier this year, and got a brilliant reception, so we’re really excited for this one.

You can also read an interview with the film’s star Aaron Altaras in the next issue of Gay Times, available to buy now.

Watch the trailer below.

Mario will be released in select UK cinemas on 13 July and available on DVD and Demand in September.

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