Atypical fans get ready because here’s another update on the beloved Netflix series.

Stewart took to Instagram to share a heartwarming update on the series. The star revealed it was her last day filming on the set.

“Today is my last day filming atypical. (you’ll love this season.. I promise). I can’t even express how much this show has been and will forever be a staple in my life,” she wrote.

Fans animatedly replied to the 24-year-old in the comments of the post. One user commented: “No stop I’m gonna cry no please no” in all caps.

Another user thanked the star for the on-screen representation Stewart ofered with her relationship with fellow character Casey Gardner (Brigette Lundy-Paine). “Atypical is very special! Izzie is in our hearts!” the post read. 

Atypical cast member Jenna Boyd also offered a behind-the-scenes look at the series. Boyd is seen together with actor Keir Gilchrist who plays the main role of Sam Gardner.

The star captioned the image “A very sweet end to a very sweet journey” and tagged Atypical in the post.


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As working restrictions ease, Netflix has upped the ante and Atypical has started filming.

While very little is known about the new episodes, we are definitely granted a reunion between Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine) and Izzie (Fivel Stewart).

Fivel shared an Instagram post with herself and Bridgette on a beach together – which is a big hint that Atypical is has started production again.


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Fans were told production was due to start in January 2021 and it is expected to take place from  January 13th through March 24th, 2021, according to What’s On Netflix.

While Netflix has given no exact date of when the final chapter of the critically-acclaimed drama will land, we do know it will consist of 10 episodes.

The streaming site has also updated the Atypical page to “final episodes coming in 2021” so we are remaining hopeful.

As filming and production are taking place now, we’re expecting to see the final season be released in the latter part of this year.

All three seasons of Atypical are available to stream now on Netflix.

You can watch the trailer for season three of Atypical here or below: