If you’re looking for a new statement t-shirt, Femme Forte have got you covered.

The recently-launched clothing brand, which prides itself on being sustainable and community-focused, was created by Zoe Schulz after a realisation that there are very few brands that are created by queer people for queer people.

Even better, 10% of all sales goes towards the London LGBTQ Community Centre, a project to create an LGBTQ safe space in East London. It’s a cause which is close to Zoe’s heart as she’s volunteered on the project for almost two years now.

“I created Femme Forte as a way to celebrate the queer community, as well as give back to it,” explained founder Zoe.

“Every Pride you see brands display a rainbow logo and attempt to sell us glittery merch, but there are so few brands that are standing by LGBTQ+ people all year round. 10% of all of our sales goes towards the project to create an LGBTQ+ community centre in London, something our city desperately needs.

“This will be a safe and inclusive place where our community can come together. Everything is also gender neutral and everyone that has helped to make this brand a reality is queer themselves.”

As well as being inclusive, Zoe says it was “vital from the very beginning” that the brand is ethical – that means all the clothes they sell are cruelty-free, sweatshop-free and 100% vegan.

“The more I learnt about the fast fashion industry, the more I realised that our fashion choices were contributing to the destruction of our planet and hurting the people in the factories who make our clothes,” she continued.

“Although fast fashion is cheap and convenient, we can’t just accept that that is the norm and not demand a better option.”

You can browse Femme Forte’s line of clothing on their website.

To find out more about the London LGBTQ Community Centre visit their website.