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Oh honey, if you think Farrah Moan gives a flying fuck about your criticism, think again.

The legendary queen, who was thrust into the spotlight after her memorable appearance on the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, wants her haters to ‘walk a mile in her motherfucking Louboutins’ before they shade her or her drag. And babes, if she wants to cry, she’s gonna bloody cry – got it?

“You just can’t pay them any mind,” she confidently tells us. “In any situation, you’re gonna have people that are gonna criticise you. I have been through a lot, and if you think a little comment is gonna break me, then you’re gonna have to try a little harder than that angel.” Can we get a ‘yas’, an ‘amen’ or a ‘halleloo!’ up in here?

Earlier today, Farrah announced that she will hitting the road with Chad Michaels in support of their Burlesque tour, which will be a parody slash celebration of the iconic musical drama starring Christina Aguilera and Cher (you can buy tickets here).

So we caught up with Farrah and discussed the highly-anticipated tour, her gag-worthy comeback on the fourth season of Drag Race All Stars and how she deals with hateful ‘fans’.

How’s life been since appearing on All Stars 4?
It’s been really incredible. I think it was a little bit hard for me leading up to the airing of the show because, as you as a viewer saw, it was kind of a difficult round for me. I fell in the first episode and Gia Gunn was out to get me, so I didn’t really know what to think of it all. But I’m very pleased with it and I’m glad I did it and I’m proud of myself. I get to travel to more places and meet more people, and it’s just been a very special experience overall.

It must be so frustrating waiting so long to see it on the telly! 
Yeah, we didn’t actually have to wait too long for All Stars. It was four or five months. But yeah it is frustrating because you can’t talk about it, everyone thinks that they know everything and they all wanna try and get the T, and you just have to, you know, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re crazy!’ kind of moment. I feel like everything that was put in the show was very accurate to how I remember it, so I’m very happy about that. I’m just happy it’s over!

On Twitter, you were quite outspoken about the double crowning. Do you feel the same way?
I was very gagged when I first saw it because I really really really was not expecting that, and I went into the mind of either Trinity or Monét. It seemed unfair to them, to not have their own crown or whatever, but now that I’ve had some time to really think about it, I feel like it’s so awesome. I would’ve been happy if either one of them won, so having two winners is different, but y’know what? If they don’t have a problem with it, then I certainly don’t. I’m so proud of both of them because they’ve worked so hard for this and I’m so excited where their crowns take them!

They also both got $100,000! That was a gag.
Yeah right? It’s just like Bob the Drag Queen said, it just goes to show that they can afford a $200,000 cash prize now!

I bet when they crown the season 11 winner she’ll be like, ‘Oh no honey, I’m gonna need more than $100,000 doollahz.”
Imagine, so instead of a double crowning, they just don’t crown anyone?RuPaul says, “The winner is… none of you. Sashay away.”

I have been living for the outfits you would’ve worn on your Instagram. Was there anything else you wish you got to show?
Oh thank you! I really wanted to wear the clown couture. I really wanted to wear the cat look. Gosh… what else were my favourites? I might have to go look at my Instagram. With my cat look, we went for a Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman mixed with the Cheshire cat. I would’ve loved to have gotten to do the makeover challenge. I’m such a makeover person, I love just waking up and deciding one day that I’m gonna dress up one of my friends, do her makeup, put a wig on her. It’s so fun for me. Also Sex and the Kitty Girl, I love acting challenges. I would’ve loved to have slain that fucking talent in the first episode, but we all saw what happened with that. I can’t complain because I was the number two most trending topic worldwide on Twitter that night…

You mentioned it a bit earlier about you and Gia coming into conflict during the season – how is your relationship now?
I think I’m at a point where yes, I felt very hurt and betrayed by how she treated me on All Stars, especially because I thought we were friends, and it turned out that she kind of used me to create a storyline and have drama to get airtime. I think that that ultimately comes from a place of insecurity, so I can’t help but feel for her. I have no beef with her, but I definitely, probably won’t make the mistake of trusting her again.

You also had another iconic “You don’t love me” moment with Valentina…
She genuinely felt bad that she had to do that. I don’t blame her, she couldn’t send home the girl who won the challenge the week before, or else the other girls wouldn’t have trusted her and would’ve got rid of her immediately. She did what she had to do, and I don’t think it was very easy for her.

Are you two on good terms?
Yeah, I’m in a very good place with Valentina. I just adore her and I always will. She showed a lot of integrity and truthfulness on All Stars and I respect her a lot for that. I love her music, her song… what is it called? A Prueba De Todo! Such a bop!

You also expressed annoyance on Twitter about how people focused on you crying too much, when a lot of other queens do it as well, why do you think people cling onto that as a way of tearing you down?
I think it all kind of boils down to the story that was painted for me on the show. When we do our entrance lines, and in our boy confessionals, we do film that several times and we have different options. They chose, ‘The cry baby is back!’ so I guess that kind of creates that narrative. It sorta set me up for people to be annoyed about if I was gonna cry or something. But I think it’s so important, especially for queer artists on such a big platform, to be vulnerable, to show people that it is okay to feel emotions and it is okay for things to mean a lot to you. It’s not a sign of weakness, as much as I feel as it is a sign of strength. To put your heart on the line on such an international platform is a lot. It’s honestly hard to rewatch but when I get to travel the world and meet people, I guess I manage to touch the lives of a lot of people just by letting myself feel my emotions. Especially in a world where someone will try and tell you that that is weakness. I just completely disagree. I was a little bit irritated watching the show after I was gone, because everybody was crying and nobody was saying anything about it. I was just like, ‘Huh? Must be nice.’

You said on Twitter that you’d like to see a new All Stars format. What do you think they should do instead?
I think it’s becoming more of a show about drama and it’s less about the art-form. I would like to see a shift in All Stars where the best drag queens have a chance to win. I don’t necessarily really like the fact that somebody could be winning all the challenges and then get sent home. Because then, who is the best? Know what I mean? I think it’s kind of redundant to bring back a bunch of fan favourite former contestants just to have them backstab each other on TV. It’s exploitative of the art-form. But it’s fun TV and I love watching it. I just wanna see a format where the judges that come to judge and all that stuff means something, rather than a girl sending someone home because they’re competition or that she doesn’t like the person. You know what I mean?

So did you disagree with Naomi sending home Manila?
Well, it wasn’t just Naomi… Monét picked that lipstick and I definitely don’t wanna place any judgement on their decision because I wasn’t really there, but I think we can all agree that Manila was doing very strong and she only ended up in the bottom that one time. That’s how it went…

Within a few years, you’ve catapulted into superstar status. How has it been for you overall?
The reaction of the fandom has been so special because I went into season nine as such a young, scared little boy. I did not know what I was getting myself into, and I honestly didn’t even think they were gonna pick me. It was my first time auditioning, so it was extremely hard for me and I didn’t see myself as well-rounded as a lot of the other girls I was competing against. I placed eighth place and I didn’t even in my wildest dreams think that people were gonna fall in love with me. I came off of the show thinking, ‘Oh gosh, I’m a loser.’ It’s just been special to be seen as understood by such a wide calibre of people, so I feel blessed and thankful.

What has been the best part about connecting with the fans?
Honestly, just getting to meet families and parents that are supportive of their queer kids. It’s really cool to see the shift that we’re going into, where gay culture is being more and more accepted. We’re building more and more allies each year, so I think what really blows my mind is how much support there is. Going to something like DragWorld is amazing because there’s people of all ages, from eight-years-old to 80-years-old. I remember being bullied out of high school and coming into my gayness as a young adolescent, wishing I could just be normal, and to be live proudly and freely. It’s just such a blessing and I’m so excited to see where the world is going.

How do you deal with the negative ‘fans’?
I have a friend who blocks them, so I don’t have to see it! The block list is wide and it is long! It’s hard sometimes because it becomes almost unavoidable. They’ll tag you and you’ll suddenly see a whole thread of people talking about how talentless you are. You just can’t pay them any mind. In any situation, you’re gonna have people that are gonna criticise you, and it’s like, walk a mile in my motherfucking Louboutins and then come and criticise me. I have been through a lot, and if you think a little comment is gonna break me, then you’re gonna have to try a little harder than that angel.

One of your biggest fans is Legend X. What has that been like for you?
I’m just so blessed that the person who inspired me to do drag has acknowledged me and been so supportive. I kind of see her as this far away guardian angel and it’s so incredible and I’m so excited to tour her music from the Burlesque soundtrack with Chad Michaels in the UK and Europe. It’s with Club Kids and it’s going to be so awesome! I just love her soul and she comes from a background where she had a really troubled childhood. One of my favourite things about her is that she always persevered and she uses her struggles and hardships to inspire people and create a following of Fighters. She’s also such an amazing mother, it’s hard for her fans to want her to come out with music all the time, but her focus is giving her kids the best childhood that she never had. I stand behind her and it’s definitely been a special blessing to feel like she’s behind me. And you know she’s always been obsessed with drag queens! She had Chad Michaels perform at her baby shower when she was pregnant, in her backyard.

I’m very excited about the Burlesque tour. What can we expect? 
We are creating an entire show that is sort of a parody of the movie featuring me and Chad as a Christina figure and a Cher figure. We’re definitely not going to be doing an exact copy, it’s gonna be a story of how Farrah is going to be mentored by Chad to become this drag superstar. You can expect all the best costumes, rhinestones and feathers… We really want to make this a huge hit because we wanna try and maybe take it worldwide? Anyone who is going to be attending is in for a real show.

And what else can we expect from Farrah in the next year?
So within the year, be expecting my first single! I’ve actually had a few songs written for a few years now, and I never really planned on doing anything with it, but I’m at a point now where I’m like, ‘Why not? Everyone else is doing it! Why can’t I have my song?’ There is maybe – I can’t say too much – but I might be dipping my toes into the cosmetic entrepreneurship! And hopefully taking this tour with Chad Michaels around the world. I can’t wait to get on those stages and dazzle all of the Christina and Cher fans!

Farrah Moan will be taking her Burlesque tour with Chad Michaels around Europe from 25th April until 9th May. Buy tickets here

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