Jujubee was recently announced as a cast member on Drag Race UK vs the World, marking her fourth attempt at snatching the crown.

First competing on season two back in 2010, the Boston native has since taken part in All Stars 1 and 5 – reaching the final every single time.

As well as this, the 37-year-old was a professor on all three seasons of Drag U and competed on Queen of the Universe, where she placed 10th-14th after being among the first group eliminated.

In an exclusive interview with the BBC prior to entering the Werk Room for her fourth run, Jujubee said that her only explanation for returning this many times is enjoying “torture.”

“People might think I’m crazy for doing this again,” she told the broadcaster. “But I like torture! I’ve been everywhere and that’s because of Drag Race.”

Since the Drag Race UK vs the World cast announcement, both queens and viewers alike have been reacting to Jujubee’s herstoric number of appearances on social media.

Alongside an image of Jujubee as Thanos with each of her seasons written on her fist, Drag Race alum Aiden Zhane said: “Ima need @jujuboston to cool her tits & leave some room for the rest of us. Get it bitch!”

In reference to her All Stars 5 Snatch Game impersonation, one fan joked that Jujubee will compete “a sensible 74” times before retiring from the show.

Another joked that Raven, Jujubee’s season two sister and RuPaul’s makeup artist, keeps “forcing Ru to cast” the queen “so she has someone to talk with in Ru’s basement.”

“When will that man let Jujubee rest,” one viewer questioned.

“I aspire to be on as many drag competitions as @jujuboston,” said Drag Race UK’s River Medway.

Referencing the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s number one smash hit, Look What You Made Me Do, another Drag Race stan wrote: “I’m sorry, but the old Jujubee can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s recording a new Drag Race franchise season.”

“Every 6 months RuPaul lets Jujubee out of her cellar to film another reality tv show,” another remarked.

Drag Race UK vs the World will see the queens of the first UK season compete against some of the most sickening performers from other global editions of the franchise, including the original US version, Canada’s Drag Race, Drag Race Holland and Drag Race Thailand.

The series was filmed in London and features UK panellists RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and Alan Carr.

Drag Race UK vs the World premieres 1 February on BBC Three. You can see more fan reactions to Jujubee’s herstoric appearance below.