Norwegian artist Aurora says she channelled the LGBTQ+ community for her new song, Cure For Me, in an exclusive interview with GAY TIMES.

Our latest Amplify cover star Aurora revealed her recent song, Cure For Me, which was inspired by the LGBTQ+ community.

“I was in Australia and about to go to Brazil, where I have a lot of gay fans. I sat down somewhere thinking about the world and love. I have gay fans all over the world, but especially in South America,” she explains.

While on tour, the singer-songwriter, who identifies as bisexual, took time to reflect on how anti-LGBTQ+ governments were treating the community.

With her fans in mind, she continues: “I was thinking about conversion therapy and how many people have been through it. It’s still allowed in Norway, it’s not common, but it’s not forbidden. It’s heartbreaking, and I can’t imagine being told, again and again, every day, that who you are is so wrong and so terrible that you have to be cured. It’s just horrible.”

The musician added: “I was inspired by the gay, trans and drag communities. No matter how much the world is against them, they still manage to put out so much joy and colour and light,” she expanded.

“You see this again and again in so many individuals that choose love over hate, despite the world constantly fighting against them. Sometimes they’re in danger, but they still put out so much light and love.”

In a previous GAY TIMES interview, the artist talked about wanting to be outspoken for the sake of the community and queer liberation.

“People are so afraid of being political, especially in pop music,” she says. “I want to make good, intellectual, emotional pop music that can reach out to people and speak about something important, and remind us of something other than all this stuff we don’t really care about.”

Aurora is also passionate about Pride, being part of the LGBTQ community – although, like many young people, she prefers not to put labels on herself – and encouraging love, which she says will “save us all” one day.

Alongside her new single, the creative, whose new album, The Gods We Can Touch, which is out 21 January, revealed she has already started on her fourth record.

“Making albums is my favourite thing to do in life. Every time I make an album, I feel like I understand my existence. I’ve started my next album already,” she exclusively told GAY TIMES.

Jumping back to her upcoming release, she explained how having time off touring fed her creative ventures.

“It’s been amazing to make an album from home, without touring every other day. It was amazing and my soul feels very happy,” Aurora explains. “It’s a very playful album because it’s inspired by that urge to be playful in life and to not be ashamed of all these wonderful things. It’s very important to be playful.”

You can watch the official music video for Cure For Me here or below.

Aurora’s The Gods We Can Touch will be out on 21 January and available on all streaming platforms via Decca.