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And we are more than down for this!

Emily Blunt, who plays Emily Charlton in the 2006 classic, has revealed that she’s up for a sequel to Devil Wears Prada.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Blunt said, when pressed on a sequel: “I mean if everyone wanted to do it, it would be cool… I’d be down.”

However, Blunt said that when she recently met with Stanley Tucci, who plays Nigel Kipling in the film, they didn’t talk about a possible sequel.

“It’s so funny because, you know, we don’t tend to talk about work that much. You know, actors don’t end up talking about work that much.” However she did add that “I think he saw [Devil Wears Prada] again recently. He’s like, ‘It’s really funny.’”

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Hopes for a sequel have bubbling away under the surface for a while now, but it seems that they’re now coming to the forefront, as the author of the book that the film is based off of has recently gotten a sequel, When Life Gives You Lululemons.

However, even if we don’t get a movie sequel, we are set to get a musical, which has been written by Sir Elton John.

Of the musical, Sir Elton said: “Re-imagining The Devil Wears Prada for the musical theatre is super exciting. I’m a huge fan of both the book and the feature film and a huge aficionado of the fashion world.

“I can’t wait to sink my musical teeth into this hunk of popular culture.”