Ellie Prohan Presents EnGayged is a regularly-updated playlist curated for GAY TIMES and exclusively available on Apple Music that spotlights, celebrates and supports LGBTQ+ artists and our allies in hip-hop.

This month, Ellie has refreshed the playlist with tracks by exciting artists in hip-hop including Ms Banks, Reemunni and Bia.

“Can you smell our first summer back in two years? When I added these new tracks to EnGayged this month my energy was on 12/10. I’m on beast mode!” says Ellie.

“I’m ready to have the summer of our lives and I wanted you to hear that with the new additions.

“Bia with that London sauce, Digga’s announced his UK tour and Ireland tour, to Reemunni and her Hotspot where she doesn’t hold back. Loads more on there for you to enjoy, get into that beast mode energy with me!”

New tracks added to this month’s playlist also includes Diana Drill’s Sad Ones, Want From Me by MiMi Mxnroe, and K4CIE’s Auto Equip.

Each month, Ellie will refresh the playlist with emerging talent, the hottest new tracks, and classic anthems that will empower and educate the listener on the intersection of hip-hop and queerness in the 21st century.

You can add Ellie Prohan Presents EnGayged to your Apple Music library now.