Since winning bronze at the Winter Olympics back in February, Adam Rippon has become one of the most famous eligible gay bachelors in the world.

The figure skater hasn’t held back on who he considers his ideal man either, with both Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes getting special mentions.

So when he returned to The Ellen Show earlier this week, he was confronted by his perfect partner – but it wasn’t quite what he was expecting.

Ellen put together all the features he likes on other famous men to create a Hollywood hunk hybrid.

We’re talking Harry Styles’ hair, Zac Efron’s body, Gus Kenworthy’s teeth, Jake Gyllenhaal’s eyes, and Dwayne Rock’s teeth.

Oh, and Brad Pitt’s chin, of course.

“I guess it’s sort of be careful what you wish for,” Adam commented when he saw the final result.

The Olympic medallist also had his own segment on the show, titled Adam Rippon On… where he comments on hot topics with hilarious results.

Earlier this month, Adam Rippon simultaneously raised eyebrows and won hearts when he donned a leather harness on the Oscars red carpet, but he’s since revealed that he wanted go even further with the look.

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