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She was the only LGBTQ person who featured on either the male or female list.

Since 1946, Gallup has been asking the American people near the end of the year, out of all of the people in the world, who do they admire the most.

The open-answered question often generates similar responses throughout the years, with the research noting how Hillary Clinton had won the distinction for most admired woman for the past 17 years.

However, Ellen DeGeneres has made it back into the top ten list, getting into eighth place after narrowly being beaten by Kate Middleton and Beyoncé last year. Ellen has yet to respond to making it onto the list, but despite a number of inspirational members of the LGBTQ community, Ellen is the only one to make it onto the list.

Meanwhile, people like Donald Trump and Pope Francis who regularly attack the LGBTQ community have finished high on the list. Although in Trump’s case, sitting presidents usually finish high up on the list, with only those with low approval ratings, like Trump, failing to get the top spot.

Michelle and Barack Obama were named as the most admired woman and man respectively, with Oprah Winfrey finishing one spot below from Michelle.

Earlier this year, Ellen revealed that she had received bomb threats after she came out as gay. In an interview with Adweek, the talk show host revealed: “When I came out, I had death threats and there was a bomb threat, but they misjudged the time of the taping. We had already finished, and thank God.

“I knew there would be people that didn’t like it, but I didn’t realize my show would be canceled. I just thought, ‘It’s going to be interesting.’

“We’re living in a time now, the more controversial something is, the more popular it is. I just didn’t happen to have a show on at that time.”

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