Singer-songwriter Ella Grace has released an empowering music video for the heartfelt single She Looked Like Me.

An ode to womanhood, Ella Grace’s latest release, She Looked Like Me, champions women across the globe with its sincere message of unity.

Ella Grace explained the importance of having a diverse, woman-centric video for the song: “This video both features and was directed and produced by women I love and am close with, this was a really important part of the process for me.

“I always work with young women when it comes to creating as I find the environment created is often one of inclusivity, understanding and connection. We wanted to create something visually beautiful that reflects the song’s narrative, and feels almost dream-like.”

For Ella, She Looked Like Me is also a track that spotlights women and the strength of sisterhood.

“She Looked Like Me is about how I see myself in the women around me. Even if it’s just a woman I see on the tube who looks tired and done with her day, working a 9-5 and trying to keep up with the beauty standards of the 21st century I see the power she has beneath the surface and I wish for her to discover it one day,” Ella explains.

“I wish for all women to be able to recognise and reconnect with their unique power and essence because outside of this Patriarchal society there is so so much more to us.”

She Looked Like Me is the latest powerful single to come ahead of Ella Grace’s debut album Reverence, which will be self-released via ONEONEONE Records.

The highly anticipated 11-track album will upack Ella’s intimate journey of self-discovery.

Speaking on the upcoming project, Ella gives a summary of what fans can expect from the release.

“This album represents the end of pretending, it’s a liberation for me, a becoming. Last year I fell in love with a woman and realised I’d been pretending to be someone I wasn’t,” Ella says.

“In place of that pretending rushed in these very real, raw parts of me. The album tells that story, of falling in love with a woman, discovering myself again, and the surrender that comes with heartbreak.”

She Looked Like Me was directed by Sophie Seyd and produced by Claudia Paterson and Sophie Seyd.

You can watch the music video for She Looked Like Me exclusively here or below: