Don’t be a hater, dear. 

Jinkx Monsoon has cooped, gooped and gagged us left, right and centre with her incredible American Horror Story cosplay.

For Halloween, the Drag Race winner impersonated Myrtle Snow, head of the Witches’ Council/Coven icon, and it’s un-fucking-canny. Honey, this is the American Horror Story: Drag Race crossover season we never knew we needed.

She’s evening wearing tartan! Get your jush below.

Earlier this year, we grabbed a moment with the season five champion and asked the question on everyone’s lips: Will she do a Bebe Zahara Benet and return for a future All Stars?

As you all know, Drag Race’s inaugural winner Bebe returned for the show’s third edition of All Stars earlier this year.

The Jungle Kitty didn’t win her second crown, but she garnered millions of new fans and reminded us of her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. Oh, and she provided us with some of the most sickening, viral moments ever. 

Ever since her comeback, die-hard fans have campaigned for past winners to return.

Jinkx told us: “I go back and forth. It depends on my mood, so I say it depends on where I’m at when they ask me.”

She then admitted – to the elation of fans everywhere – that a comeback is actually pretty likely.

“I honestly would love to do it, only to show the fanbase how much I’ve grown, and how much Drag Race catapulted me into evolving and taking my drag as far as I possibly could.

“I’d do it for that reason, to show everyone what a fierce ass bitch I am!”

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