Crystal is diving into the world of podcasts with The Things That Made Me Queer.

The original series, from World of Wonder, will follow the Drag Race UK legend as she speaks with various stars about what set them on a path to embracing their queerness.

Crystal will explore the cultural influences that made a profound impact in their lives, from fictionalised characters that sparked sexual awakenings to legendary pop anthems.

She and her guest will also delve into the people, places and experiences that have assisted them on their queer journeys.

Guests include Drag Race icons such as Detox, who shares her memories of the Orlando drag community, and Shea Couleé, who reminisces over their first kiss in high school.

JD Samson will go into detail about the butch lesbian who inspired her, and Peaches Christ spills all the T on John Waters’ wild parties (as well as who made it onto the guest-list).

Speaking with GAY TIMES, Crystal said the podcast came to fruition because “most queer people have those pinnacle queer moments in their lives.”

“They can pinpoint when they first realised they were queer, when they came out, the time they felt shame or acceptance from being queer, and it’s always fascinating to hear those stories,” she explained.

“When I do drag, I pull references for looks and performances from my childhood and adolescent memories – and I think most queer people have those rich cultural references. It’s amazing to look back and identify the music, the fashions, the people and places that shaped who we are today.”

When asked to describe The Things That Made Me Queer, Crystal said: “Imagine Desert Island Discs, but queer as fuck! We swap out the music for five “items” a person, a place, a song or album, a film or television series, and a wildcard that were formative in our guest’s journey.

“These can be personal, like the person you had your first kiss with, or universal, like Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, but they’re a great jumping-off point for all kinds of conversations. We really get into it!”

Crystal added: “There is still lots of room for more queer conversations in the media.

“The way the podcast is structured means the conversations are focused and meaningful – I think a lot of podcasts suffer from lack of editing or focus.

“Whether you’re queer or not, this podcast has really important themes of self-acceptance and living authentically that are totally universal.”

The Things That Made Me Queer is a weekly series and launches 19 January. It will be available on all streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.