Drag Race UK season two just eliminated its most revered contestant.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is back for season 2 and boy has it started with a bang!

The second season of Drag Race UK is relatively the same to last, unlike season 13 of the US version, which has a new format due to the ongoing pandemic.

Lawrence Chaney, Cherry Valentine, Tia Kofi, Bimini Bon Boulash, Ginny Lemon, Ellie Diamond, Sister Sister, Tayce, Joe Black, Veronica Green, Asttina Mandella, and A’Whora all sashayed into the werkroom each sporting their signature lewks and phrases.

From cabaret legend, Joe Black to the unapologetic realness of Asttina Mandella the queens of season 2 are proving to be spicy and ready to SERVE hunny!

For the first mini-challenge, the queens were tasked with striking their fiercest tennis pose alongside the sizzling Brit Crew.

Each queen brought their own spin to the Wimbledon inspired shoot but Lawrence Chaney came out on top, winning over RuPaul with her haughty humour and pose.

Before the queens could de-drag, Mother Ru introduced the first Maxi-Challenge of the competition.

For the challenge, the girls were tasked with creating two looks, one representing their hometown and the other showcasing a gay British icon, in light of the 50th anniversary of the Gay Liberation Front in the UK.

For episode 1, acting legend and world-renowned beauty Elizabeth Hurley sat in the guest judge chair.

Going all out, each queen brought their creativity to the forefront.

Joe Black channelled her inner David Bowie, Asttina Mandella and Tayce took on the legendary Naomi Campbell, Ginny Lemon went as Kate Bush, Tia Kofi shined as Alan Turing, Lawrence Chaney struck gold with her Diana Rigg look, Cherry Valentine channelled Freddie Mercury, A’Whora went as fashion icon Vivienne Westwood, Sister Sister honed in her inner Dusty Springfield, Ellie Diamond stunned as Lily Savage, Bimini Bon Boulash strutted down the runway as Princess Julia and Veronica Green as the iconic Boy George.

The looks continued as the girls channelled their hometowns with innovative lewks ranging from Dennis the Menace to the Welsh Dragon.

Ginny Lemon, Tia Kofi, Cherry Valentine, Veronica Green, A’Whora and Tayce ended up safe.

But even though the girls were safe, RuPaul wanted to remind them that they “better step their p***y’s up.”

Lawrence Chaney, Ellie Diamond, Asttina Mandella secured the top spots and Joe Black, Bimini Bon Boulashm, unfortunately, landed in the bottom three positions.

While the judges deliberated, A’Whora threw some light shade towards Tofi Kofi and Asttina Mandella saying Tofi’s entrance hair was thirsty and commenting on Asttina’s hometown lewk.

But miss A’Whora was proven wrong when Asttina won the maxi-challenge.

The episode concluded with Joe Black and Bimini Bon Boulash lip-syncing for their lives to Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Bimini Bon Boulash ended up on top which led to the shocking elimination of Joe Black.

Episode one of season 2 has left us shook and has set a precedent that no one is safe in this competition.

Tune in to Drag Race UK every Thursday on BBC and BBC iPlayer.

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