On last night’s (28 January) episode, Ginny Lemon opened up about their gender identity.

Drag Race UK viewers have hailed an incredibly “important” and “powerful” conversation between non-binary contestants Ginny Lemon and Bimini.

The conversation started as Ginny enthused about the importance of colour, and revealed they wear yellow as it is the non-binary colour.

When Sister Sister asked Ginny about their identity, Ginny got emotional and revealed they’d struggled their identity as for years they hadn’t “known what I was.”

Ginny went on to say that they hadn’t felt comfortable in their body and had repressed certain feelings, using drag a release, and admitted that she had never loved herself.

Hearing this, Bimini approached Ginny and they shared how sometimes it can be a “difficult conversation” particularly when some people don’t understand a person’s gender identity.

Ginny also opened up about a lack of support that she felt and how people outside the norm were seen as “a freak” and that she’d grown up feeling that she was “ugly and stupid” and that it took moving away from the family unit to accept their identity.

Bimini explained that they were also still exploring their identity, comparing her and Ginny to “square pegs in a circle” and that their identities were up to them, and not for other people to debate.

The pair’s conversation was praised by Drag Race UK viewers, with many hailing it as “important” or “powerful”. One fan wrote: “The conversation Ginny and Bimini are having about being non binary hits deep.

“It’s such an important topic that the bbc is now replaying for the public to see. Hopefully this is a step forward to improving the future for people who feel like they don’t fit in.”

And Bimini also revealed on Twitter that fans had come out as non-binary to their families after watching their talk. “It warms my heart reading so many of you came out to your family about being non-binary after watching tonight’s episode!” they wrote. “Honestly emotional! Non-binary isn’t new and it’s okay to exist somewhere in between! POWER TO YOU ALL.”

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