Drag Race entertainer Gottmik opened up about her sexuality, labels and Pride in a brand new interview. 

For Glamour’s digital Pride issue, Kade Gottlieb – who’s behind the Gottmik persona – “sat down” with the iconic superstar and discussed their pansexual identity and labels. 

“Yes, I do identify as pansexual. To me, it just means that I don’t care about gender at all. All I care about is a really gorge personality,” she said. 

“Labeling attraction is just not… I don’t think it’s an important thing. I think as we progress as a community and as a society overall we’re just going to stop with the labels. 

“Love is love, period. There is no point in having to keep shoving yourself in a box. As human beings we are constantly evolving and growing, so why are we going to re-label ourselves…” 

Gottmik also shared her feelings on Pride and what the important month means to her. 

“Pride is the most important in the world to me. For a lot of us it’s a true celebration of all the pain and hard work that we put into ourselves, our lives and our journey and it’s the time to celebrate,” she explained. 

The Season 13 finalist concluded her interview with some empowering advice for LGBTQ+ teens struggling to find themselves. 

“For the young LGBTQ+ kids, I would just tell them to stay strong, stay positive and no matter how hard it gets. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you are going to find your chosen family out there,” she said. 

“You are 100% valid. There are so many people out there that love you and support you… You’re a strong bitch and I believe in you.” 

Gottmik made history for the Drag Race franchise this season as the first ever trans male contestant.

In our 2019 digital cover story, the legendary performer spoke to GAY TIMES about navigating the drag industry as a trans man, and dispelled any ignorant opinions on what it means to participate in the art-form – you can read it in full here.

Watch the full interview between Kade and Gottmik below. 


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