Queens have been reacting to Gia Gunn implying that she ‘opened the door’ for transgender representation on Drag Race.

In a tweet posted on 8 January, Gia celebrated the inclusion of two transgender women on season 14 of Drag Race.

“So happy to see a trans person on an actual season of Drag Race,” the 31-year-old wrote. “The doors that I’ve opened…”

After competing on season six of the show, Gia returned for the fourth instalment of All Stars in 2018.

She made history as the first-ever trans contestant to compete post-transition, with the franchise seeing increasing levels of representation since then.

Season 13 ushered in a new era for Drag Race with the inclusion of the first-ever out transgender male contestant, Gottmik, who went on to win two challenges and make it all the way to the top four.

Kylie Sonique Love also became the first trans contestant to win a US instalment after emerging victorious on All Stars 6 in 2021.

The 14th season has the most trans representation to date, with both Kerry Colby and Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté being openly trans women – prompting Gia’s tweet that she “opened” the “doors” for this.

Kylie reacted to the post with a gif of her pointing at herself to remind Gia that other trans queens have competed on the show before.

“I love my fake season,” Gottmik replied to what the season six star wrote.

“Let me clarify…trans WOMEN,” Gia responded.

Peppermint, who finished as the runner-up on season nine, posted: “Um okay girl hahaha.”

Carmen Carrera, a trans queen who competed on season three prior to coming out, wrote: “There’s a trans girl on drag race because we all fought for a trans girl on Drag Race.

“Some of us were fighting when it wasn’t even “cool” yet … but that’s not the point.”

In a follow up tweet to her original post, Gia said there’s a reason she doesn’t “talk about that show anymore.”

“A friendly reminder why I never talk about that show anymore,” Gia explained. “Ok going back to doing trans things…”

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