“I hate doing this so much and I don’t wanna do this anymore!”

Drag Race season 12 competitor Widow Von’Du has announced she will be taking a break from social media.

In a Twitter post the Kansas City queen called out the “fandom” that has been channeling hate her way. Von’Du is one of the few queens of colour that have received hate on the Emmy-winning series. Drag Race has acquired a track record when it comes to queens being targeted and profiled by fans.

Previously to GAY TIMES, Silky Nutmeg Ganache and Asia O’Hara have all spoken out about their experiences receiving hate. The news of Von’Du’s departure comes shortly after Brita Filter deactivated her social media to seek help and focus on mental health.

When we spoke to Silky, she told us about the types of comments she received: “I got so much hate that I went into a depression. I got so many death threats.

“People do not deserve to be treated this way. What is it going to take? Is it going to take a queen to kill herself?”

Asia also told us: “I think that the people who are in a position to influence should take some responsibility. These people have the power to influence a large number of people and they need to take that seriously.

Canadian Drag Race panelist Jeffery Bowyer-Chapman was also recently bullied off Twitter after videos of his critiques went viral on social media. Fans accused him of being toxic and bringing in personal insults to the show. Queens across the industry stepped up and spoke in favour for the actor.

The news of Widow Von’Du is becoming part of an unfortunate pattern. As queens of colour face growing online criticism and hate, it’s no surprise the stars are taking a break. In a follow up post, the season 12 queen tweeted on how the hateful comments made her feel.

Fellow co-stars and friends of the Kansas City queens have spoken out in support, including Kameron Michaels, Detox, and Darienne Lake.

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