Meet Trixie Matwo!

Nyle DiMarco has received a sickening drag makeover by RuPaul’s Drag Race star Miz Cracker.

For queer publication Them, the fan-favourite season 10 contestant transformed the America’s Next Top Model winner into a Trixie Mattel wannabe called ‘Trixie Matwo’ as she embraced her inner Katya Zamolodchikova.

“This is my first time in drag, so I’m excited but at the same time I’m a little bit nervous as well. But honestly I think you’ll do me well,” he admitted to Cracker, before opening up about his deaf relatives and going to a deaf school.

“Later on I realized that only two percent of children worldwide actually have access to education in a formal sign language,” he said. “So I consider myself incredibly fortunate and with this platform that I’m given.

“I feel like I have an immense opportunity to really spread awareness about the issue.” Nyle then taught Cracker how to say modern social media-esque phrases like “Netflix and Chill” and “slide into my DMs” in sign language.

Fans were living for their interactions, with one writing on the YouTube comments section, “Oh this just made my day… my favorite drag queen with one of my favorite male models.”

Another wrote: “Thank you so much them, for creating such a wonderful platform. There’s no greater feeling than to see all the different communities out there supporting each other.”

Everyone was also unanimous in their praise for the interpreter and Miz Cracker, for not only being “genuinely respectful and interested,” but for using the makeover as an opportunity to get Nyle shirtless.

Watch Miz Cracker and Nyle DiMarco transform into Trixie and Katya below.