Megami has spoken out about her departure from Drag Race season 16 and how her “Brooklyn spice” fuelled her “frustration” towards other queens in Untucked.

In the latest episode of Drag Race, the queens partook in ‘The Sound of Rusic’, before sashaying down the runway in ‘I Could Buy Myself Flowers’ eleganza.

Adam Shankman joined the panel as guest judge and Melissa McCarthy made a special guest appearance.

Unfortunately, Megami was unable to land a leading comic role that would have better aligned with her skillset, having lost her desired character Baroness Bronn to Q. Instead, she played Shnitzel Von Snap.

“I wanted to get one of the main character roles, it’s a comedic role that I feel like I’d be fantastic at,” the Brooklyn queen told Entertainment Weekly.”Looking back, I should’ve put my foot down kind of like Plasma and took the role I wanted.

“After we rehearsed and learned the show, me, Dawn, and Nymphia were dancing in every single act, and as a non-dancer, I worked my ass off. Maybe I wasn’t 100 percent perfect all the time, but we were sweating by the end of the show. It was just a lot.”

Megami found herself in the bottom two with Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige, where the pair dualed it out in a lip-sync to Grammy winning single ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus.

This was of a natural fit for a queen who, by her own admission, is “not a flipping kind of girl”.

However, Megami opened up that she should never have found herself in the bottom two: “Plane and Xunami should’ve been in the bottom because walking across the stage is not that difficult. Me, Dawn, and Nymphia were sweating our asses off dancing like a goddamned storm on that stage. I’ll leave it at that.”

In Untucked, it was apparent that the queen was not over the choreography distribution and let Q know as she was “upset about the entire thing.”

“My intention was never to hurt anyone’s feelings, either. I know Xunami felt some kind of way, because I was upset and taking my frustration out on other people, and I apologised to her,” Megami explained.

“It wasn’t you I should’ve been angry at; it was the situation. You guys didn’t pick how much choreography you got. I was annoyed at everything. I can see the writing on the wall, here, and it’s not looking great. Not my proudest moment.”

During the lip sync, Megami locked eyes with Ru and brought the “Brooklyn spice”. However, she admitted this might’ve been the wrong call: “Maybe Ru didn’t like me looking her in the eye and saying, ‘I can love me better than you can’.”

Megami has also shut down rumours that Xunami was deliberately shading people around the work room because she had an alleged crush on Plane Jane: “That’s not a thing”. Rather, “the one you need to look out for is Plane and Nymphia. I’m not going to expose my sisters on that one.”

She then clarified that “I didn’t say anything that can’t be looked up online. I’m just putting that out there that maybe that’s a distraction. [Laughs] I don’t know how much, I’m just saying that over the winter, Plane flew to Taiwan to go visit Nymphia, and we were all like, “Ooh, what are you two doing over there?”

In the next episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16, the queens will play the iconic Snatch Game.