And we Oooop! 

Today is the day, girls! RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 is FINALLY available here in the UK/IE, but not without technical difficulties, of course.

Some Netflix viewers have noticed an issue with the episode at the 20-minute mark.

Netflix took to Twitter to address the issue stating: “We’re aware of an issue with the new episode of Drag Race at the 20-minute mark and are looking into it.

“For now, going back into the episode and skipping to ~21 mins should allow the episode to play in full. Sorry! We’ll update you when the issue is resolved,” the tweet concluded.

They quickly followed up with updated telling users to select the “Watch credits” feature in Netflix which will then allow viewers to watch without being kicked out.

Some users have found the method to work while some are still facing issues.

One Twitter user said: “It still doesn’t work! It boots you out and backs onto season 1. No one needs that filter in their lives.”

If you are having issues with the episode please reference back to the below tweet to help get you back on track.