“You ain’t drag if you ain’t got no stones on” 

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 is in full swing, and the girls are absolutely SERVING hunny!

This time around we see the Pork chopped girls step into the spotlight for their first mini and maxi challenges.

Like episode 2 the girls were tasked with a runway challenge and a performance challenge that required the queens to create new lyrics and choreography to RuPaul’s Phenomenon track.

Each queen brought the fierceness, star power and charisma but legendary queen Tamisha Iman is proving to be a standout talent amongst Drag Race fans.

In this episode, the Atlanta-based queen opened up about her extensive experience, stating: “I’ve been in the business a long time. A lot of pageants under my belt.”

Which led the other queens to ask how many she’s done.

“Oh, my God, I’ve done over at least 200 pageants, and I’ve won, at least, about 95,” she said.

Tamisha Iman also opened up about her age, revealing to the other girls that she’s 49 years old – we STAN!

After each queen opened up about their age, Miss Iman says “All of you are younger than my biological kids, that’s crazy!”

Which led to the other competitors gagged.

“It’s just crazy because everyone else is so much younger than myself. These are babies. but guess what? age is just a number! I haven’t lasted for 30 years for nothing. I’m a bad B, and you’re gonna see it.,” Tamisha says.

We weren’t the only people that fell in love with Tamisha Iman and her iconic self, fans have taken to Twitter to share their love the southern queen as well.

One Twitter user said: “Tamisha Iman is the story of the season. A 49-year-old drag queen who has 3 biological children AND survived cancer? Give her the fucking crown or else #DragRace” 

Another user said “stan Tamisha Iman for clear skin”.

Read all of our favourite tweets below and make sure to tune into Drag Race episode three on Netlfix!