Asia O’Hara is the first (and only) queen to use live animals in a lip sync. DID YOU KNOW?!

Do you enjoy being gooped? Cooped? Gagged, even? Well you’re in luck hennies! In celebration of the upcoming 11th season of Drag Race, we’ve compiled a list of 30 sickening facts about the Emmy Award winning show that will catapult your lacefronts to the mothertucking ceiling – Monique Heart style.

For example, did you know that Jujubee is the only queen in Drag Race HERstory to make the top three without a single challenge win? Or that Trinity The Tuck has lip synced more than any other contestant? If you did know, great. You’ve scoured the interwebs just like us. But did you know the others? Check them out below…

1. Sasha Velour is the first winner in Drag Race history to not win a solo challenge, and the first winner to have not won the most challenges in her season (followed by Trixie Mattel)

2. Trixie Mattel is the only winner of Drag Race to fail at Snatch Game (Tyra also did horrendously, but she had immunity)

3. Jujubee is the only queen to have made top three (twice) with zero challenge wins

4. Jujubee is the show’s most successful lip sync assassin, winning all five of the lip syncs she participated in

5. Jinkx is the only queen to have ranked high for nine consecutive weeks

7. Kameron Michaels and Trinity the Tuck are the only queens to lip sync six times in one season

8. Manila Luzon, BenDeLaCreme and Trinity The Tuck are tied for the most amount of challenge wins ever, with seven each

9. BenDeLaCreme is statistically the best performing queen ever, followed by Bianca Del Rio and Alaska

10. BenDeLaCreme is the first queen to win the first four main challenges in a row, to win Snatch Game twice and to win five challenges in a single season

11. Only three other queens have won four challenges in one season: Sharon Needles (season four), Alaska (All Stars 2), Shea Coulee (season nine) and Trinity The Tuck (All Stars 4)

12. Four pairs of queens have had to lip sync against each other twice: Darienne Lake and BenDeLaCreme on season six, Katya and Alaska on All Stars 2, Shangela and BenDeLaCreme on All Stars 3 and Trinity The Tuck and Monique Heart on All Stars 4

13. Latrice Royale has been eliminated four times, more than any other competitor

14. Manila Luzon is the first and only queen to win the first challenge, Snatch Game, the makeover, and the ball challenge

15. Mayhem Miller has the lowest position of any queen that won the first challenge (10th place)

16. Tatianna is the only queen to have won and lost Snatch Game

17. Tatianna lied about her age when she applied for season two, which makes her the youngest contestant to appear on Drag Race and also the youngest queen to have won a main challenge

18. Adore Delano is the first queen to voluntarily leave the competition

19. BenDeLaCreme was the second queen, and they were the first two to sashay into the werk room on season six

20. Willam and Eureka are the only two queens who were eliminated by RuPaul without lip syncing (All Stars not included)

21. Shangela, Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon are the only three queens to compete on three separate seasons

22. Asia O’Hara is the first queen to use live animals in a lip sync

23. Bebe Zahara Benet is the first winner to compete on an All Stars season

25. Trinity The Tuck has lip synced more than any other queen (nine times)

26. Monét X Change is the first winner of Drag Race to have also been crowned Miss Congeniality

27. She is also the first All Stars winner to have not won a challenge in her original season

28. All Stars 4 was the first season of All Stars to not feature any winners of Snatch Game

29. Gia Gunn is the only queen to be eliminated on Snatch Game twice

30. The finale of All Stars 4 is the show’s lowest rating episode on IMDB (2.2/10)

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