The queens duked it out following their heated confrontation in last week’s Untucked. 

In last week’s Untucked, Eureka O’Hara and The Vixen had an explosive confrontation over, well… no one really knows. It blew the f**k up out of nowhere and got seriously heated heeeenny. We hadn’t seen a one-on-one argument as intense since Phi Phi and Willam’s iconic showdown in season four.

Thanks to mediator Mayhem Miller, the two queens buried the hatchet and talked out their differences in this week’s episode.

“I think I saw a, I wouldn’t say different side to Eureka. I definitely saw a side that I was trying to avoid and so, now I’ve gotta decide what is actually genuine,” said The Vixen.

The contestants discussed the events of Untucked, and ended up having a sweet and “mushy” moment, in which Eureka opened up about the abuse she’s faced as a gay man.

She revealed: “I was beat up by my dad, people in school, other football players I played sports with constantly, because of my personality. Because I was too much, and I was too flamboyant, and I silenced myself for a long time and got to a really dark place.”

The Vixen – in a rare moment of sensitivity – told Eureka: “There was a long time most of my drag career, I was just trying to show up, get money and leave. I decided with the current climate that I needed to start speaking up, so I laid into saying exactly what the fuck I think, which is why when someone pokes the bear, it goes from 0-100. Because it is still new for me, and I don’t know how to get 50.”

Eureka then attempted to solidify their reconciliation with physical confirmation, but was shot down by The Vixen. But don’t worry hunties, they’re now on good terms.

In this week’s episode, the queens improvised in the new day-time talk show, Bossy Rossy, hosted by Ross Matthews.

Due to her mini-challenge win, The Vixen assigned the pairs for the maxi challenge: Asia O’Hara and The Vixen, Blair St. Clair and Monique Heart, Monét X Change and Kameron Michaels, Mayhem Miller and Miz Cracker, and Eureka and Aquaria.

Eureka won her first ever Drag Race challenge, while Monét and Mayhem found themselves lip-syncing for their lives for a second time, to the iconic Shania Twain classic – Man! I Feel Like a Woman – right in front of Shania!

Monét turned it out for the second consecutive week, and Mayhem Miller was told to sashay away.

The fifth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 is now available to stream on UK Netflix.

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