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Pop superstar Dove Cameron has opened up to her fans about her struggles with dysphoria and identity.

Over the last few years, Cameron has cultivated an honest and vulnerable environment with her fans via social media.

Whether it be about her sexuality, her dating life or timely societal topics, the beloved talent has always remained an open book.

On 19 May, the Schmigadoon star continued to shine a light on her expansive journey by detailing her struggles with depression, dysphoria, and overall identity.

“Identity vs the self !!! Depression & Dysphoria. The self is someone I feel I have always deeply known, someone I deeply love and protect, like my own child, I know this self, and we are very close,” she wrote.

“For me, identity and the self have always been diametrically opposed, and there has only ever been room for one at a time to occupy my life.”

The Boyfriend singer then said that sometimes she has a “deep-seeded belief” that who she truly is is “wrong” and that her true self wouldn’t be welcomed.

“I feel I must be something else if I am going to be allowed to be here. And I really do wanna be here with you. More days than not, I feel pulled towards no identity at all, I feel most natural as something imperceivable to myself, energy and a presence,” she continued.

“I’ve been covering mirrors lately. I’ve been feeling wrong in clothing that used to make me feel beautiful lately. I’ve been crying a lot lately, sometimes terrorized by my identity and image, sometimes in absolute flow with something new and peripheral and joyous to me.”


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Cameron went on to say that due to her fast-paced life, she never slowed down long enough to tackle her thoughts of identity and dysphoria.

The Descendants star also revealed that the constant “broadcasting of self and visibility of ourselves” is not “optimal for mental health”.

“What I am choosing to say is I am in the process, I’m investigating, I’m struggling more than half of the time, and I’m trying to maintain a quiet non-judgemental curiosity rather than punish myself for not knowing what I’m feeling or where I’m going,” she said.

Towards the end of her post, Cameron said that people deserve to live a life free from societal standards, self-hatred and self-abuse.

“I am on that journey now. I’m sharing so that we may all feel more comfortable in a conversation that may be confusing, and we may navigate something that feels difficult to put to words together,” she added.

“Human, first. The rest is all the rest. Emotion is COOL. Dysphoria is OK. Living as a human is INTENSE. We are all holding hands. Don’t forget.”

Shortly after uploading the post, fans of the singer flocked to the comment section to offer support.

One fan wrote: “Thank you for this, it feels so nice to see someone being real!”

Another user wrote: “Whoa. Feeling majorly seen right now. Sending love.”

We’re sending all the love and light to Dove Cameron.


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