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Apparently, two men dancing together is offensive.

Although members of the LGBTQ community are ‘snowflakes’ over being offended because of homophobic slurs on primetime television, this is nothing compared to what some people had to endure on Dancing on Ice.

After the couples skated for the first time, many took to Twitter, where else, to complain about how they were offended over the fact that Steps singer Ian ‘H’ Watkins had been paired with and danced with a man.

One outraged viewer wrote: “Im offended. I know i’m old fashioned but standards are now at rock bottom. I prefer Adam and Eve, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Not Adam and Steve or Everyone.

“This gender neutrality and gays dancing together is not normal and having pushed in front of me offends me.”

Among the many people to respond to the tweet, was H, who wrote: “Just because you disagree does not change the fact that I exist. WE exist. The LGBTQ community exists.

“Your views are not old fashioned, they are archaic – but they make the LGBTQ community grow stronger, so thank you for that. How beautiful would the world be with acceptance?”

And Candice Brown, who danced with Matt Evers in the tenth series also responded, saying: “Your view offends me and many others! Enjoy your blinkered, frankly homophobic Christmas reading Adam and Eve and ignoring this inclusive equal world we live in.

“Also the grinch is on today- I’d avoid that tho as the men wear make up and the dog wears a headband.”

In response to other tweets complaining about the same-sex dancing, photographer Darren Bell wrote: “We feel sorry for your family having to suffer with a nasty bigot like yourself. Get in the bin.”

However, Matt Evers almost made a career out of responding to the homophobic backlash, responding to many on his own Twitter page.

When one person wrote that it wasn’t “appropriate” for their family, Matt responded by saying: “So you must shut off Wimbledon then as well when the doubles compete… or wait… what about a football or rugby match with all those men on the same field playing. Think about what you’ve just typed and what we are actually doing. Skating… nothing more than skating.”

And to another, he wrote: “What just like Wimbledon showing doubles matches or God forbid a rugby or football match with all those MEN on the pitch playing at the same time?? Anne, think about what we are doing. SKATING. We are not having SEX.”

And to a third, he said: “What about wrestling?? Google a wrestling match. In ballroom same sex happens all the time. The Argentine Tango was invented for 2 men… in skating… we have synchro which is almost 100% same sex. Please don’t tell me about a sport I’ve competed in for 32 years.”

Sadly, complaining about same-sex dancing is not uncommon, as over 300 people complained after Strictly Come Dancing had a same-sex routine between professionals Graziano Di Prima and Johannes Radebe. Thankfully, the BBC is not taking any action over the complaints.

Dancing on Ice will return on 5 January 2020.

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