Dan Levy has revealed if Schitt’s Creek will live on past its series finale next week.

In a new interview with Variety, the showrunner – who also plays pansexual fashion icon David Rose – explained his decision to end the critically-acclaimed Canadian comedy and whether he’d return to the series in the future.

He said: “I wish that this show could have gone on 100 seasons. But it’s quality over quantity. If an idea crosses my path that I feel is deserving of our cast’s time, then let’s do it. I don’t know what it could possibly be at this point.”

Dan went on to say that he “would love to revisit these characters, and I would love to get to play with this cast again. I feel very proud of the work that we’ve done, and I wouldn’t want to do anything that compromises that.”

Since its 2015 debut, Schitt’s Creek has been hailed by fans and critics as one of the greatest comedies on television thanks to the incredible ensemble cast and iconic viral moments, such as Alexis’ Grammy-winning dance-pop anthem A Little Bit Alexis and Moira’s future Oscar slash Razzie nominated performance in The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening.

More importantly, the show has received widespread acclaim for providing representation for the pansexual community, as well as for how David’s sexuality is simply accepted and there are no expressions of homophobia in the storyline.

“I wanted to write something that I had experienced, and that friends of mine had experienced, and that people could relate to,” Dan added. “I feel like we’ve never ostracized people whose beliefs didn’t necessarily align with what we were doing.

“We just showed how much better life can be if you put those beliefs aside and really let people grow and thrive. And so much love comes from it — so much joy and happiness and strength.”

Dan’s father Eugene Levy, who also plays his on-screen father Johnny Rose, credited the the wine scene from the first season – in which David explains his fluid sexuality to Stevie (Emily Hampshire) – as a reason for the show’s passionate queer following.

“It’s had an amazing, amazing impact on people’s lives,” said Eugene. “The letters, the emails that we get from kids — I think the ‘Wine, Not the Label’ episode was a big thing in helping kids coming out to their parents.”

Following the series finale on 7 April, Pop TV will air an hour-long special which will take fans behind the scenes with never-seen footage of wardrobe fittings, audition tapes and obviously, that emotional finale table read with the cast.

It will also include interviews with Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy and Annie Murphy, as well as celebrity fans such as Paula Abdul, Will Arnett, Carol Burnett, Cameron Crowe, Tony Hale, Amy Sedaris and Johnny Weir.

Watch the trailer for the final ever episode of Schitt’s Creek below.