Cynthia Lee Fontaine has revealed some scalding hot tea about what allegedly takes place on set during the filming of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The queen competed on seasons eight and nine of the US edition of the show, finishing in 10th place both times and being awarded the title of Miss Congeniality during her original run.

In a series of tweets, she has now shared some apparent details about what goes on during the production of Drag Race.

“Ok they have huge iPads,” she wrote online in response to one fan who asked what the judges have on their table as they watch the runway and critique the contestants.

“On those iPads they have all the pics ( taking prior the runway taping ) of the look themes of the episode . With e pens !”

“The pics they see on there big iPads are the ones they used at photo fashion ruview,” she added, further explaining that the photos have the names of the queens on them to help the judges remember who they are.

Cynthia also claimed that RuPaul is “always” wearing flip-flops and that “the rest of the judges” ask to wear comfortable shoes as well.

She said she knows this information because she saw RuPaul leave the panel “for an emergency meeting with production” in flip-flops during two of her three lip-syncs.

In addition to this, Cynthia alleged that “RuPaul has an ear monitor [and] she receives instructions from production.” 

Fans were quick to react to what the queen said about the show.

One wrote: “Yes, come in with the hot tea! I always wondered how they nitpicked on outfit details from that far away, and the earpiece part makes so much sense, because we all know at this point about production’s ~storylines~ and why do I watch this show when it’s so cynical, goddamn @ me.”

“Is the NDA over queen,” another asked.

A third said: “Fontaine spilling the scalding tea.”

Drag Race’s 14th season finished airing earlier in 2022, with its 15th instalment expected to be released sometime next year.