Australia will instead be represented by Kate Miller-Heidke.

Courtney Act will not be representing Australia at this year’s Eurovision, as the country will instead be represented by Kate Miller-Heidke, with Zero Gravity. Kate’s song has an uplifting message about coming out from depression.

The song switches from a cool pop track to become an opera one, and Kate is performing the song on stilts, so classic Eurovision really.

Courtney finished fourth overall, getting 26 points each from both the jury and the televote. She lost out to Electric Fields, with their song 2000 and Whatever, and to Sheppard, with their song On My Way.

Although Courtney didn’t win, fans were very supportive of her performance.

And even though fans won’t be seeing her on Eurovision, they can catch her on Dancing with the Stars Australia. Tweeting out the news, she posted: “Imma be twinkling round the floor on Dancing With The Stars! Can’t wait to do all the sexy dances and wear all the pretty dresses (hopefully no wardrobe malfunctions this time).”

She will attend rehearsals as Shane Janek, but will perform as her drag pseudonym, and will dance with a male partner. The 16th season, which will be the series first in four years, will premiere 18 February on Network 10.