Gov. Ned Lamont has signed a bill to ensure greater protections for LGBTQ+ parents and their children.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamon has gone ahead with signing the Connecticut Parentage Act which delivers state-mandated legislation offering protections towards children regardless of the circumstances of their birth or the marital status, gender, or sexual orientation of their parents.

The act also ensures the children have equal access to the security of a legal parent-child relationship.

“Yesterday was beautiful. We had the perfect setting to commemorate the start of #Pride Month and show the country how Connecticut leads with the heart. I signed the CT Parentage Act, preventing discrimination against LGBTQ+ couples wanting to legally adopt a child.”

However, in Florida, transgender girls and women have been banned from competing in female sports, which was passed at the start of Pride Month.

The new law states that athletes must play on the teams of the biological sex on their birth certificate.

As the new bill was signed into law at a Christian academy in Jacksonville on Tuesday. Republican governor Ron DeSantis said: “In Florida, girls are going to play girls sports and boys are going to play boys sports. We’re going to make sure that that’s the reality.”

He continued: “We believe that is very important that the integrity of these competitions are preserved. We’re gonna go based on biology, not based on ideology when we’re doing sports.”

In 2020 Connecticut launched an initiative to allow more LGBTQ+ couples to adopt. The initiative came as other states attempt to limit the ways that LGBTQ couples can adopt.

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