“I’ve been here for 12 yrs. I just pray that the LGBTQ+ community gets more chances to star in roles.”

American actor Colton Haynes has reflected on what it means to be an openly gay actor in Hollywood.

The Arrow star – who came out as gay in May 2016 – said it’s a very “odd place” despite living there for 12 years.

“I just pray that the LGBTQ+ community gets more chance to star in roles,” he explained in a series of tweets, which have now been deleted.

“We’ve had amazing trailblazers & ppl who’ve made it thru the criticism thk god. It doesn’t have to be me, but this town is run by our community.”

Colton went on to say that it’s not easy growing up as an outsider, and hit out at Hollywood executives for not casting LGBTQ people and minorities in lead roles.

“Just because you like the same sex doesn’t mean you can’t carry a film,” he continued. “It’s not just the LGBT+ community but it’s also ppl of color, minorities… give us all a chance. Thk god its in the works. Every single person deserves a shot at their dreams no matter their sex, ethnicity, or background.”

The 29-year-old has been outspoken about LGBTQ rights in the past.

Last year, he hit out at Hollywood for discriminating against gay actors, describing the current casting system as “fucked up”.

He said that he is “disappointed” that there is so much focus on his personal life when he goes for new roles, and that casting directors should just concentrate on his talent.

“Hollywood is so fucked up. So much of the focus is on your personal life and has nothing to do with the talent you have to bring to the table,” Colton tweeted.

“Thank god for Ryan Murphy, Greg Berlanti, and Jeff Davis. They believe gay actors are more than just their personal lives.

“So disappointed in how Hollywood can’t understand that playing a character has nothing to do with how you live your personal life.”

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