Cirque du Soleil returns to London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall once again with the UK debut of OVO.

Bursting with colour and some rather exciting characters, OVO uncovers and explores a natural world of naughty creatures and some high-flying acrobatics, too. Featuring crickets, ants, fleas and even giant slices of kiwi fruit, this is certainly a display of a bug’s life as they explore an adorable story of love and one rather giant egg.

With costumes and characterisation that make you forget at times you’re watching a group of performers disguised inside, the clever choice of music and narrative make this so much more than just a high-flying spectacular… although it totally is that, too!

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However, the most impressive part of the show comes with a 14 metre trapeze act which closes the first act. High above your heads and perfectly positioned inside the circular wonders of the Royal Albert Hall, you sit in complete astonishment as the ladies of this cast are thrown from one side of the hall to another – danger looming with every twist and turn.

Add in acrobatics, falling from extreme heights, impressive balance skills, juggling acts and even a bit of singing and you’re struggling to applaud any more as OVO delivers time and time again.

Although it sadly doesn’t feature as much live singing as last year’s hit from Cirque du Soleil did, there’s more than enough thrilling acrobatics to keep anyone entertained all night. And if that doesn’t please you then the sight of a gymnast flying through the air without a supporting harness certainly will. Dangerous? Not half!

Gay Times gives Cirque du Soleil’s OVO – ★★★★★

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