100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Black LGBTQ+ community.

Christian Cowan and Lil Nas X have teamed up for a queer fashion explosion in aid of the Loveland Foundation starring Violet Chachki, Marc Jacobs, Amanda Lepore and more.

Excess, drama and opulence are delivered in extreme doses with the drop of the hottest fashion collaboration of the moment. Think Lisa Simpson on fashion speed, very that.

A host of queer models, activists and allies join forces dressed to the nines, including queer models Aweng Chuol, Trey Gaskin and transgender models Chella Man, Isis King and Teddy Quinlivan, alongside veteran allies like Little Mix’s Jade Thirwall.

“We wanted it to be really diverse, and just people who we think are really sick,” said Cowan.

The heart and spirit of the LGBTQ+ and the Black community are felt throughout the collection and visual campaign, with all proceeds from the sales going to the Loveland Foundation – a charity in Atlanta committed to showing up for communities of colour, in particular black women and girls.

“The trans community, especially the Black trans community, is one of the most looked down upon groups in the entire world, and the least cared for,” Lil Nas told Vogue.

Cowan added: “There’s been so many attacks on the trans community, even within the past few months, and it’s not publicized enough in the U.S. People forget that the entire Pride movement was started by Black trans women.”


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