Her call for support came after a video showed a trans woman getting beaten by a mob of over 30 people.

Charli XCX has urged her LGBTQ+ fanbase to support Black, trans lives in a statement marking the beginning of Pride Month. Her calls came after a video showed Iyanna Dior, a Black trans woman, getting beaten by a mob of over 30 people.

In the statement, she also drew attention to the recent murders of trans people Nina Pop and Tony McDade.

Posting on social media, Charli wrote: “Dear my LGBTQ+ fanbase – I know you’re out there. I’ve seen you pack out my shows, I’ve met many of you, we’ve hung out, we’ve partied, we’ve celebrated.

“June is a big month for the lgbtq+ community and its allies, like myself, who are so honored to stand beside you. Pride Month is a moment to seize, to fly the flag and give back to the community.

“This month, we must really focus on the latter of those 3 things. We must give back. We must give back, recognize and acknowledge the black trans community in particular.

“And this isn’t something we should just do THIS June. This is something we should do EVERY June; every day in fact.”

Giving information on places to donate to, Charli continued: “Firstly, if you’re able to donate, you MUST. The @bftacollective have set up the Black Trans Protesters Emergency Fund in partnership with @forthegworls @theokraproject & @blacktranstravelfund.

“This fund will be used to support black trans protesters with resources, medical care and bail.”

She also drew attention to the Nina Pop Mental Health Recovery Fund and the Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Fund. Both of these funds help provide Black, trans people with a free mental health session with a licensed Black therapist.

Charli then encouraged her followers to share messages on their social media and encourage their friends to donate.

She finished her post by writing: “Let’s come together and make a mass effort to support a section of the lgbtq+ community that is more often than not unheard, repressed and violated. #blacktransrights matter. Let’s amplify their message.”

You can read Charli’s full statement below, or on Instagram.


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