“I’m zooming like a jet ski, zoom zoom.”

Charli XCX and Troye Sivan have unveiled the visual for their experimental pop anthem 2099.

Directed by Bradley&Pablo from a concept by Charli and Sam Pringle, the video sees the saviours of pop charging towards the future as they balance, serve face and defy gravity in a lake on jet skis. They’re coming for the Olympics honey!

“No one on my level, I play nice ‘cause I’m too clever, I won’t show it, never, never, but it’s crystal,” they sing on the progressive bop. “I’m way up, way better, she might pop but it’s whatever, she might sell but what’s she selling?”

For the latest issue of GAY TIMES, we had Troye interview Charli and they discussed the differences between 2099 and their last collaboration 1999. “I mean 1999 is a pop banger,” said Charli. “It’s nostalgic and it’s fun and it’s silly – in a good way.

“It’s definitely more of a classically written pop song in so many ways: the structure, the lyrics, the melody. 2099 is sort of the polar opposite. It’s aggressive and it’s futuristic and the production and lyrics are antagonistic in many ways.”

She continued: “2099 is very braggy I suppose – basically us just saying we’re the shit. It has a dark energy. I love 2099 so much. The ending is very hardcore. I heard your dog gets frightened of the outro.”

Troye responded: “He does, he whines.”

Watch the video for 2099 below.

Last week, Charli released her self-titled third studio album to widespread acclaim. It features singles such as 1999, 2099, Blame It On Your Love (with Lizzo), Warm (with HAIM), February 2017 (with Clairo and Yaeji) and White Mercedes.

It is her fifth collection so far after her synthpop debut True Romance (2013), pop-punk follow-up Sucker (2014) and the experimental dance-pop mixtapes Number 1 Angel and Pop 2 (both 2017).

Charli – which features a host of queer talent such as Pabllo Vittar, Christine and the Queens, Big Freedia, Brooke Candy and Kim Petras – is now available on iTunes and streaming services. Read our five star review here.