Chad Michaels has spilt the T on an explosive argument that was cut from Drag Race’s fourth season.

The drag legend appeared on the latest instalment of Entertainment Weekly’s BINGE podcast series alongside her season four sister Latrice Royale, where she recalled a tense exchange with Phi Phi O’Hara that, for some reason, didn’t make the edit.

“There was one night when they let us stay an extra hour to work on wigs,” explained Chad. “She started in on me, and I said something like ‘You know what Phi Phi? I was on The Jay Leno Show. I appeared on The Jay Leno Show as Cher. What have you done?’ And she just goes, ‘Yeah, you were on The Jay Leno Show… as a joke!'”

Chad, who placed runner-up behind Sharon Needles and ultimately triumphed on the first season of Drag Race All Stars, said her “head could’ve exploded” from the drama and conflama, and that the “tragedy of the story is that it was not caught on camera”. She added: “It would’ve rivaled the Party City scene.”

Latrice said she “missed” their exchange because she had an issue with the maxi-challenge that week, where the queens were tasked with designing boat-shaped floats for a Pride Parade runway.

“My boat didn’t fit, remember? They had to rebuild my boat and I had to do my stuff the next day,” admitted Latrice.

“They brought all those boats in made the same size, and, bitch, I was like, I can’t squeeze up in this, not with my body on, I put on padding! So they had to take the boat apart and rebuild it while everybody was decorating their boat!”

The legendary queens then discussed their love for fellow season four competitor Willam, who memorably became the first contestant to be disqualified from the franchise for “conjugal visits” from her husband. After the show’s finale, multiple sources – including Willam – revealed that the details of his disqualification were fabricated by producers.

Chad called Willam “fierce” and Latrice said she’s the queen she’s “closest to now from the season” and compared her loyalty to Chad and Manila Luzon, saying: “Me and Christopher, my husband, always say if there was ever some shit to really go down, there are a few handful of girls that you know will be there. These girls I know got your back.”

You can listen to Chad Michaels and Latrice Royale’s full interview with Entertainment Weekly here on Apple Podcasts