Celebrity Big Brother star Andrew Brady has been called to the diary room to be asked how he is feeling after Courtney Act tried to pull his trousers down.

In last night’s episode, Courtney – real name Shane Jenek – attempted to pull down Andrew’s trousers and underwear during a drunken incident, briefly exposing him.

Viewers have since complained about Shane’s actions, with some calling for the Drag Race star to be removed from the house.

However, after being called to the diary room to speak about the incident, Andrew described it as “banter”.

“Big Brother just wanted to have a quick chat with you about the moment where Shane J pulled your trousers down and then your pants,” he was told in the diary room.

“Yeah he didn’t pull my pants down. They didn’t come down,” Brady replied.

“And Big Brother just wanted to check how you felt about it,” Big Brother added.

Brady repsonded with: “Fine, it’s nothing. I’m surprised it’s not happened earlier. Oh my God this is what it feels like to not be in trouble for once.

“I was shitting myself. I thought I’d done something again.”

Big Brother continued: “Well as you know Andrew, Big Brother just likes to keep a check on all housemates and check that they are happy and comfortable and that everything is OK.”

Brady concluded: “I’ll just tell him to not do it again. But it’s funny it’s all banter you know I don’t get offended by stuff like that.

“It’s all what mates do really.”

Celebrity Big Brother will continue on Channel Five tonight at 9pm.