“Your armpit hair really brings out the color of your eyes.” 

Social media superstar Cameron Dallas is one of the most reliable guys in the biz when it comes to providing us thirsty-ass humans with a sexy selfie/photoshoot/video.

Remember that time he stripped off for Mario Testino’s towel photo series? Or when he took kit off for his dirtiest photoshoot ever?

Oh, and how about the time he blessed the world with his peachy rear in his Netflix documentary? What a swell guy.

Cameron’s latest Instagram pic has had a similar effect to all those mentioned above, resulting in a very thirsty comment section. 14.2k comments to be exact…

See what the fuss is about below.

Some of our favourite comments include, “Once you see his nipples you can’t unsee them”, “daddy, is that you?”, “I’m pregnant now” and “your armpit hair really brings out the color of your eyes”.

Don’t cha just love Instagram?

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