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Books and journals on Alan Turing and homosexuality in animals are part of the release.

Books and journals that used to be only available on Cambridge University’s Press Archives have been released as part of Pride month celebrations.

Some of the books and journals that have been released include Alan M Turing, Animal Homosexuality and Men and Sex.

All of the books are available to read here. Even though the books were released for Pride month, the scheme will continue all throughout July as well.

One of the books being released under the scheme is Modern Families, which was written by Professor Susan Golombok. Speaking about her book, she said: “The magazine I read had an article about lesbian mothers losing custody of their children when they divorced.

“The custody cases, which the mothers always lost, were really based on prejudice and assumption rather than any concrete data. Judges didn’t have any evidence so they tended to go for more traditional families and the fathers would often have remarried.

“The article asked for someone to volunteer to study the effects of growing up with lesbian mothers on children’s development. I was writing a masters on child development at the time.

“It brought together my interest in feminism and child development, so I volunteered to do the research in the UK, which turned out to be one of the first such studies in the world.”

Professor Golombok praised the scheme, saying: “Having so much freely available for Pride Month is a very positive thing for all of the authors who are working on LGBT+ issues. It’s great that Cambridge University Press is promoting our work.”

Even though Cambridge University is releasing its books, residents in Iowa are trying to ban books that feature LGBTQ-content. In February, over 300 people signed a petition trying to get Orange City Public Library to remove Two Boys Kissing and Tangerine Dress from the library’s shelves.