The song documents Calum Scott’s experiences in coming out.

Calum Scott has revealed the feelings that releasing No Matter What gave him. Speaking on Sound Bites about the song, he said: “[Writing it] just made me feel liberated and a lot more at peace with myself when things I was holding back and suppressing were out on paper.”

Scott when on to describe the song as a “diary entry” especially with parts about him coming out to his mother and being abandoned by his friends.

Speaking about why the song was left off of his debut album, he said: “Before I released the album I wasn’t satisfied with where I was at with my sexuality. I wasn’t necessarily happy or proud of my sexuality, even though I’d written songs [addressing gay relationships].

“I released the album and afterwards I kind of regretted not including it on my debut album.”

He continued, saying: “So I spoke to the label and said, ‘you know this is a really personal song but I want to release it. I want it to have its moment.’

“The label said ‘test it out live.’ I performed it on the Human Tour and in America to thousands of thousands of people and night after night there would be rows and rows and rows of people crying… and that really moved me. I cried almost every time that I sang it.”

The song was subsequently included as a bonus track on his debut album. Speaking more about the song, Calum added: “As personal as it is, it is probably a song that I’m most proud of.”

He then spoke of the reaction to the song, saying: “I had a lot of messages from people I went to school with, saying I never knew you suffered this badly.

“Like most LGBT youth, we try to suppress how we feel. But the reaction’s been amazing. I can’t even tell you how many messages I’ve received, telling me they’ve come out to their families because of me.”

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