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Are we about to see Caitlyn Jenner on the big screen?

She may be best known for being a former Olympic athlete and reality TV star, thanks to her regular appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but if Caitlyn gets her way she might be making a drastic career change.

“In a Marvel movie, I want to play the baddest-ass lady you’ve ever seen in your life,” she told Variety for their special issue on transgender Hollywood, revealing her desire to return to acting.

“They got the wicked queen or the wicked lady. Just do the makeup and the outfit. And I got the deep voice.”

Prior to her transition, Caitlyn appeared in 80s TV series CHiPS and even an episode of Murder, She Wrote. She was also considered to play Superman in the iconic 1978 superhero movie, but the role ended up going to Christopher Reeve.

“I got all these issues inside me,” she said of her struggles following her gold medal decathlon win at the 1976 Olympics, where she asked herself, “Did I build up this character so big that I’m stuck with Bruce for the rest of my life?”

Caitlyn continued: “It scared the hell out of me. And then four months later, they call up: ‘Would you be interested in a screen test for Superman?’

“It was just too much for me. I would have gone down as the most macho guy in the world, and that’s not me. It’s not even close to being me. That’s why I want to play that bad-ass bitch. I can play that girl.”

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has faced criticism for its lack of queer representation, the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, recently confirmed that the franchise will introduce two LGBTQ characters soon.

One of them will be an established character – likely to be Thor’s Valkyrie, who has been confirmed to be bisexual by actress Tessa Thompson – while the other will be an entirely new character.

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