Is it possible to be even more obsessed with Jonathan Bailey? 

Bridgerton’s resident hottie Jonathan Bailey sat down with Haper’s Bazar UK to discuss Prince Eric, Rihanna and more.

In the new interview, Bailey opens up about his first crush, stating: “My first crush was probably Anita in Heartbreak High and if not Anita, it was Prince Eric, from Little Mermaid.”

“With the big blue eyes, and just, the whole idea of wanting to be onshore with Prince Eric is pretty damn dreamy,” he continued.

Same Jonathan…same.

Bailey also touched on his romantic life in the interview.

When asked what his perfect date was the actor replied, “For me I think going on a little adventure, getting a pint, exploring […] change of scenery.”

He then went on to talk about the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for him.

“Running a bath. Then sitting with you while you have your bath and you know having a chat I think is pretty mega. Putting the toilet seat down and sort of just being there while you bathe. It’s sweet and brilliant,” he said.

When it comes to celebrity encounters and being starstruck, Bailey reflected back on being introduced to Rihanna at a Netflix party.

“I was introduced to Rihanna. Of course really starstruck, but also really thrilled. She sort of disappeared at the party and then she came back in and everyone’s like oh my god.

Bailey then went on to describe him attempting to dance with RiRi.

“Her team sort of enveloped her and made it very clear that perhaps that was not my little space to get down,” he said.

We absolutely stan Jonathan Bailey and his confidence.

Watch the full 8-minute video below.