Fire Island star Bowen Yang has said that legendary actress Faye Dunaway wants to confront him over his social media handle.

If you’re a fan of Yang and follow him on Instagram, then you’re probably aware of his campy @fayedunaway handle.

During an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan on 1 June, the Fire Island star revealed that Dunaway is aware of his username.

“There’s a new development in this. As of, like two weeks ago, I’ve gotten word that she knows about me having the handle, and she does actually want to come on SNL and confront me on live television,” he revealed.

“She wants it to be, like, maybe on [Weekend] Update. She gets brought out to talk about her social media handle being co-opted by this random Asian guy.”

When asked if he wanted or was expecting the attention from Dunaway, Yang said it was not his intention to get a response from the actress.

“I did not want this because I was like truly, just some plebeian in Brooklyn,” he said.

“[I thought], best-case scenario, her people reach out to me and give me like $20 and I give it to her. But, now there’s a blue check next to my name. People might think that I’m the real Faye Dunaway.”

Yang’s comments come a year after he expressed his hopes to be sued by the Bonnie & Clyde actress.

“All I want is for Faye Dunaway, the real Oscar-winning actress, to like sue me or something,” he told Jimmy Fallon in May 2021.

“I would go to court, I would get locked into like the longest battle with her… no all I want is like a cease-and-desist.

“Faye Dunaway, legendary actress Faye Dunaway, all I want is for you to reach out to me and call me ‘that snivelling homosexual.'”

While the actress is viewed as a juggernaut within the entertainment industry, she did make headlines in 2019 for allegedly calling her assistant “a little homosexual boy” – which Yang seemingly referenced in his interview with Fallon.

While we wait for a potential legal extravaganza between the two stars, fans can watch Yang in the brand new LGBTQ+ romantic comedy Fire Island. 


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