Carlton admitted that he was still looking for love.

Carlton Morton’s appearance on Love is Blind didn’t go the way he expected. After meeting his fiancée, Diamond Jack, Carlton came out as bisexual to her, but this led to a heated argument, and discussion on social media.

Some argued he should have told her from the start of their (very brief) relationship, while others believed it shouldn’t have an impact and the negative reactions only fuel the stereotype that bisexual people are ‘greedy’ or more likely to cheat.

However, Carlton’s negative experience on the show hasn’t scared him off, and he told TMZ that he would “absolutely” take part in the show’s second series, which is currently casting.

“I’m looking for love right now,” he said. “So if someone started a season two today, I’d be like ‘let’s go to the pod’.”

Carlton praised the Love is Blind producers for the way they handled his sexuality, explaining this didn’t happen with other dating shows he’d tried getting on.

“I want to find love… I’ve reached out to several companies and then the moment that I tell them my truth, they’re like, ‘Oh, this doesn’t work for our show,’” he said.

“Why don’t you want someone that’s truthful on your show? [The Love is Blind production company] made me comfortable and took care of me. I would love to further my relationship with them and find love.”

He added that the show was “open to starting the conversation about what LGBT+ love looks like for a show like this.”

When asked if he had a message for Diamond following the row, he said: “I just want to say that I love you unconditionally.

“Love is patient, love is kind, love is everything that we were fighting for in this social experiment. I just, in my heart, didn’t feel like the fight was over just yet.”

Earlier this year, the show came in for criticism after its showrunner, Chris Coelen said they couldn’t feature LGBTQ contestants because of “logistical difficulties.”

However, this might no longer be the case as casting forms obtained by TMZ are asking possible contestants whether they identify as straight, bisexual, gay or other.

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