It’s Jester Joke live tour is the first time a drag queen has headlined and sold out a show at the venue. 

But that wasn’t stopping the RuPaul’s Drag Race winner from sticking to her usual plan of offending just about everybody in the room. From fellow queer people to straight couples attending together, even the television show Naked Attraction got a taking down from the comedy genius.

However what makes Bianca Del Rio clever is that she doesn’t just offended some people but all, and thus makes nothing personal and nothing direct. There’s a line, it’s perhaps a little further than others would go, but it works with us all in the path of offence. And in doing so, nobody is safe.

Earlier this year, Bianca made her West End debut as Loco Chanelle in his British musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. Clearly not one for taking risks and tackling some pretty large projects, the West End must have seemed easy in comparison to 10,000 plus people at Wembley.

Supported brilliantly by Wendy HO and Sherry Vine, It’s Jester Joke is by far the best version of of Bianca. Leaving the laughs to play out for longer, editing down lengthy jokes to what feel fast and exciting, and with very few mentions of Drag Race, Bianca Del Rio is peaking as one of the strongest comedians on the scene.

And while her brand might be to mouth off about everyone and everything out there, there’s a warmth and love that is undeniable – from both star and fans alike.

It’s Jester Joke is a superb evening of fun and fierce comedy in the presence of one fiery drag queen. Nobody is safe!

GAY TIMES gives Bianca Del Rio – ★★★★★

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