Bianca Del Rio has addressed the long-running rumour that RuPaul’s Drag Race filmed a tie for its sixth season.

The star, who memorably conquered the season over Adore Delano and Courtney Act, addressed the show’s multiple endings on Joseph Shepherd’s podcast Exposed: Dragged Out.

“Yes they did film [a tie],” confirmed Bianca. “As people know, it’s been said many times, they film all of us winning and that particular episode, that particular night when we were there, they did all of us, and then they did one more.

“I remember going, ‘What the fuck?’ as soon as they said it was a tie. I was sad. Not because I didn’t win, but because Courtney was left standing there. It was quite obvious that she wasn’t going to get shit. That’s what I was concerned about.”

Bianca continued to say that she was “kind of lost” in the moment because she was confused over their decision to film a double crowning – which had never been done (until Monet X Change and Trinity the Tuck’s controversial tie on All Stars 4) – while leaving Courtney high and dry.

“I was going, ‘How could they do this to Courtney? What the f**k is going on? What are we going to do about the money, are we splitting $100,000 dollars? This is some crazy shit! Just pick one of us and let it be,'” added Bianca, before admitting that she thought Adore was going to win “the entire season”.

Bianca ended up winning, solo, and Adore returned to the franchise for the second season of All Stars – where she made herstory as the first ever contestant to voluntarily quit the series – while Courtney is yet to launch her comeback.

All three entertainers have had enormous careers since season six, which premiered in 2014. Bianca starred in her own film, Hurricane Bianca (2016), which received critical acclaim and spawned a sequel titled From Russia With Hate (2017).

She also made history as the first ever drag queen to headline Wembley Arena.

Adore became of the show’s most successful recording artists with the release of Till Death Do Us Party (2014) – which became the highest-charting album in the US by a Drag Race alum, including RuPaul – After Party (2016) and Whatever (2017).

Courtney saw further success on TV as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother UK and Dancing With The Stars Australia. She won the former, becoming the first ever drag queen to do so, and was involved in the first ever same-sex pairing for the latter.

You can listen to Bianca Del Rio’s full interview with Joseph Shepherd’s podcast, Exposed: Dragged Out, on all streaming services including Spotify and Apple Podcasts (or below).